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Is it always one or the other? June 2, 2010

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So I guess I’m kind of back together with the ex.  We’re just sort of hanging out and seeing where it goes for now.  Here’s my dilemma, I’m not sure if we have enough heat together.  I tend to have two different types of relationships, I either have a lot of heat with no real common ground, or little heat with a lot in common.  The ex falls into the latter category.  We  are very similar and have a lot of fun together, but there’s not a lot of ‘I want to rip your clothes off and have my way with you’ passion.  When we dated the first time around we had a bit of technical difficulty in the bedroom so we didn’t sleep together all that often, well we slept together, but the nonsexy I actually got sleep kind of sleep.  Am I naive in thinking that the first part of a relationship should be sexier than that?  Can you develop that sort of passion through time?  I’m still not completely comfortable with him, so I can feel myself holding back a little (I really don’t want to get hurt again), so maybe that’s the reason.  Am I just reading too much into this?  Unfortunately I’m not very go with the flow, lol, which means I over-analyze everything.  Gah, stupid boys.


Dissed but not dismissed June 1, 2010

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Ok so I have written at least one post about the ex.  Well we have been talking on and off the past few weeks and we met up for dinner tonight.  We had a lot to talk about, but we were out at a restaurant which isn’t really an atmosphere to lay everything out on the table.  We never really made it past small talk.  He ended up driving me home (yay because the bus sucks, lol) and we had a very brief chat in the car in front of my house.  I was right in thinking that he wanted to get back together.  Basically he regrets breaking it off and has missed me ever since.  I’m still not sure how I feel.  I told him that I don’t want to get hurt again like last time so he needs to come up with a really good reason for wanting to get back together and ensuring the same thing that happened last time doesn’t happen again (essentially we had one fight and he couldn’t move past it.  We are going to fight, sometimes I like to fight, so that’s a big issue).  We made plans to hang out again tomorrow night and actually talk.  Here’s where the dissed part come in.  I am a big believer in kissing, if I kiss you and feel kind of meh, we’re not meant to be.  I want to feel some sort of passion (maybe I’m naive in that thought process but so be it).  So when I was leaving I went to kiss him to see if we still had any sort of spark, and got totally shut down.  If we are going to start relationship part 2 he wants to take it slow, which I understand, but I wasn’t expecting to be shut down.  As I said, in the world of Little Miss Jay, no passion – no future, so this isn’t off to the best start.  He better have really good reasons for wanting to get back together.

All shall be revealed tomorrow night.

Side note: I’m not a huge Justin Beiber fan, but his stupid songs are so damn catchy.  His new video features Jaden Smith who is absolutely adorable.


New Shoes :) May 31, 2010

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My dad came to visit this weekend and brought me my birthday gifts which consisted of a pair of the new Nike Vomero 5s and a Nike plus.  I love love love the shoes.  They are super comfortable and when I put them on I was excited to run (I know, I’m totally lame).  The Nike plus is cool too.  It tracks your pace, calories, distance, and time.  It came with default settings for the pace, but apparently I have a really short stride length because it told me that I had run way further than I actually had, so I needed to calibrate it.  I like it because you can calibrate a walking stride and a running stride.  My old Vomero 4s have been demoted to my walking shoes, but they are also Nike plus compatible so I just need to switch the sensor from one pair of shoes to the other depending on what I’m doing.

I used my new shoes at the gym today rather than running outside (the weather has been not so great) and I think I may have looked like a crazy person on the treadmill.  The Nike plus hooks up to my iPod and will mute the song you are listening to in order to tell you how far you’ve gone.  The first time it happened I started to laugh, so I was running along laughing to myself with no one around.  Oh well, who am I trying to impress at the gym.


Montreal lost tonight May 24, 2010

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No more Canadian hockey teams left in the playoffs…sad day :(


Ice Cream Anyone?

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I have been toying with the idea of buying an ice cream maker but can’t quite bring myself to do it.  I feel like I would either not use it enough, or use it too much lol.  I came across this on yumsugar.com today (http://www.yumsugar.com/Strawberry-Ice-Cream-Recipe-8500177) and it looks sooo good.  I’m heading to the mall this afternoon so I may keep an eye out for ice cream makers.  It’s my birthday in a few weeks so maybe I can justify it as a birthday present to me from me.  Does anyone out there have an ice cream maker?  If so, do you use it or is it collecting dust in a cupboard somewhere?


Cleaning Frenzy

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Due to yesterday’s “sickness” I woke up this morning and my house was an absolute disaster.  I have spent a good chunk of this morning cleaning and trying to get organized.  I hate when my house is messy.  It makes me feel overwhelmed and feel like a little bit of a failure at life lol.  You could say that I’m a little bit of a clean freak :)


Bridal Insanity

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I’m watching Rich Bride Poor Bride on Slice.com and I’m absolutely dumbfounded.  I know that they have people on the show who are obviously over the top, but this bride is crazy.  The whole premise of the show is planning a wedding and seeing whether or not the couple remains within their budget, which I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone do. On today’s episode, the couple overspent by $27 000.  That’s absolute insanity to me.  Most of the overspending was done by the bride.  She spent $2600 on her dress and when they went to buy wedding bands, because they were on sale, she bought two new rings rather than one.  I think the most baffling thing that she did though was drive around to different people’s houses to ask if she could take wedding pictures in front of their house.  She would find a house that she liked, knock on the door and ask whether or not her and the bridal party could take pictures in front of the house.  Most people said no, and she ended up paying a woman $500 in order to take pictures outside the house and inside in the foyer (actually inside the house!!!).  That’s really weird right?  I would never even think of doing that.  I hope that when the time comes I don’t turn into a Bridezilla.



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